Ground cover Rose

Purple Rain ® Kleinstrauchrose

KORpurlig W. Kordes’ Söhne®
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Grown in 2 liters pot, one year old rose in pot, can be planted all the year except when it frozes.

Purple - ground cover rose


Fragrance: discrete fragrance
Height: 2,3 ft
Disease: Not susceptible.
Remontancy: Well reflowering– second blooming is abundant

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Ground Cover Rose - purple - Purple Rain ® - discrete fragrance

-Low-growing, split folding branch systemed rose. The cluster flowered bloom form makes a decorative flower carpet.

Kleinstrauchrose - W. Kordes’ Söhne®Kleinstrauchrose W. Kordes’ Söhne® Purple Rain ® KORpurligNot susceptible.

 Purple Rain ® - purple - ground cover rosePurple - ground cover roseRose Shopping Online - ground cover rose - purple - Purple Rain ® - discrete fragrance - W. Kordes & Sons - -

W. Kordes & Sons - Flower size: S (0,5-1,5 in)   Rose - Flower fullness: full double - W. Kordes & Sons   Flower fullness: full double - Ground cover rose   Miniature rose - Flower fullness: full double    Rose - Height: 2,3 ft - Flower fullness: full double        Purple Rain ® - Roses in the garden    

Potted rose with unique pharmaROSA® growing technology!

Not bare root rose, which can be planting only in a short time of the year (15 th of okt.- 15 th of nov.).
Not packaged bare root rose, which can be planting in autumn (15 th of okt.- 15 th of nov.) and (15 th of march – 15 th of april) in spring.
Not potted rose, without root system!
Quality according to the requirements of E.N.A. (European Nurserystock Association).
The potted product of pharmaROSA is rose with root system which can ensure good developing, so it can be planted in any frost free period of the year.Purchase of roses every day of the year.
Not bare root rose, which can be planting only in a short time of the year (15 th of okt.- 15 th of nov.).   Not packaged bare root rose, which can be planting in autumn (15 th of okt.- 15 th of nov.) and (15 th of march – 15 th of april) in spring.   Not potted rose, without root system!   Quality according to the requirements of E.N.A. (European Nurserystock Association).


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The condition of the rose after pruning back.The rose in fresh condition with shoots.Rose with buds.Rose in a pot with buds and flowers.


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