Roses in the garden

  • Romantic Roses

    Continuously blooming roses with fragrance and old fashioned flower shape.

  • Heritage rose

    Old type roses bred before 1920, appearence very varied,it has a wide range of consumption.

  • Hybrid Tea Rose

    Fine shape rose, suitable to decorate flower beds and as cut flower in vase also.

  • Bed and Borders Rose

    Creating continuously blooming, abundant flowered rose bed.

  • Shrub

    Large rose bushes suitable to decorate bigger (parks, bigger gardens) green areas.

  • Climber and Rambler Rose

    Upright growing varietieswhich are suitable to make vertical surfeces. For example: pillars, obelisks or garden fances.

  • Mini - Patio Rose

    Roses with short-growing, dense foliage and small, light coloured, clustered flowers.

  • Ground cover Rose

    Low-growing, split folding branch systemed rose. The cluster flowered bloom form makes a decorative flower carpet.


BIG - flower rosa
MICRO - mini rosa
SIMPLE  - rosa
SPICULA - rosa
SELECTION - pharmaRosa

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